Left of Center Businesses = Opportunity

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As a business owner one should always be on the lookout for new opportunities, this is especially too once you reach the level of being an investor. It is my personal belief that all business owners should start training as investors. Teach yourself to look for opportunities because as the great Mark Cuban says you […]

The Greatest Business Lesson – EVAAA!

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Here it is. I’m going to spill the beans. Once you learn this you might as well stop reading this site, shut off your computer, sell all your self-help books, quit your business mastermind classes, cause you’re done. This is the meta lessons of meta lessons. Even Warren Buffet couldn’t out do this advice. I’d […]

Pipeline Software? Worth It or Not.

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Depending upon your industry you may or may not use CRM software or software that will help you manage both your sales pipeline and your project pipeline. And of course, depending upon the different number of projects you have ongoing at any one time and the amount of steps and people involved can all be […]

Small Businesses that Innovate

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We Feature Local Businesses and their Strategies We love to showcase local small businesses that excel and lead the way for other businesses by setting the bar high. The Innovation Roadmap is all about sharing what businesses do right so that others can emulate their success, build their businesses, and help their local communities grow […]